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This website contains information on the BRAIN-PROTECT research project as well as on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and trauma in general, and is intended for a broad spectrum of interested individuals, including physicians from different specialties, ambulance and paramedic personnel, researchers, medical and pharmaceutical industry, patients, interested non-medical helicopter ambulance personnel (e.g. pilots), interested personnel of other organizations invoved in prehospital accident management (e.g. fire brigade, police) as well as interested laymen. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any questions if you are laymen and need clarification (e.g. due to excessive use of medical terminology) or if you are scientist or physician and require more specific or more rigorous scientific information.

Because of the international readership and the interest of international research groups in our website, most information on this site is in English. A Dutch summary of the BRAIN-PROTECT research project can be found here. Nederlandstalige samenvatting van het BRAIN-PROTECT onderzoek.




All presented text is general information on TBI, trauma and BRAIN-PROTECT, however, it is NOT advice on how to manage and treat patients with TBI or any other trauma. Healthcare providers must not rely on the information on the webpage in treating TBI patients, and patients must not use the website as an alternative to medical advice from professional healthcare providers.

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